Will McIntosh. Scout. (Asimovs April/May 2014)

asimovs140405From a forthcoming novel, ‘Defenders’, which is already optioned by Warner Brothers. It’s a small sequence with an interesting backdrop – people on Earth struggling against an alien invasion. Young Kai, one of an increasing number of refugees, finds little help from the local community he passes through. We find out gradually about what has been happening, with the crux of the story involving a downed alien scout engaging with him telepathically.

This communication enables us to find out about the alien motivations, especially as the communication is so sophisticated (truth to be told, that didn’t ring true, as Kai and the alien communicated better than teens from different country would, let alone a teen and an altogether alien alien).

However, it would work well on the big screen, albeit a little like the cellar scenes from the most recent War of the Worlds movie.

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