Tim Lees. Love and War. (Interzone #230, Sep-Oct 2010)

All is fair in love and war. Earth has been invaded (or has it?) by creatures from Earth X. A military regime has taken control in Britain, with previously unremarkable scientists now holding power in the Party apparatus. The story is told from the perspective of a young woman, who is desperate enough to secure papers to keep her in the country to act as a very personal PA to one such scientist.

We follow her relationship with him, as more is revealed about the nature of the incursion, and the creatures that may be threatening us. The response to the threat is is that of the iron fist, and the threat is dealt with. But having rid the world of that threat, what role is there for the regime…

A good political and psychological take on the alien incursion meme. Complements quite nicely the SF film ‘Monsters’ which I saw and enjoyed this weekend (and which I can recommend) which similarly used the aftermath of an alien ‘invasion’ to explore a relationshipo.

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