The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy 3rd Annual Volume ed Judith Merril 1958

Clearly a momentous time for the SF community, as the cover proudly proclaims ‘Special Section : Science-Fiction becomes Science-Fact – Sputnik and Beyond’.

This volume, unlike this first two, contains a number of articles alongside the fiction, which is a shame as it isn’t a particular big volume, so there is much less by way of fiction. The volume I’ve got, some 60 years after publication, is pristine : it clearly hasn’t been read. I’ll have to see about that… Here’s the content list in the meantime.

Brian. W. Aldiss. Let’s be Frank.
Originally in : Science Fantasy

George Langelaan. The Fly.
Originally in : Playboy

Isaac Asimov. Let’s Get Together.
Originally in : Infinity Science Fiction

George Byram. The Wonder Horse.
Originally in : The Atlantic Monthly

Theodore R. Cogswell. You Know Willie.
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction

Henry Kuttner. Near Miss.

Rog Phillips. Game Reserve.
Originally in : If Magazine

Avram Davidson. Never Let us Sleep.
Originally in : Venture Science Fiction

Zenna Henderson. Wilderness.
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction

Eugene Ionesco. Flying High.
Originally in : Mademoiselle

Algis Budrys. The Edge of the Sea.
Originally in : Venture Science Fiction

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