Thana Niveau. The Calling of Night’s Ocean. (Interzone #255, Nov/Dec 2014)

interzone255Having just had a very short, but quite inventive SF story in the issue (R.M. Graves’ ‘Bullman and the Wiredling Mutha’) more space by a factor of 10 or so is given to a story, which whilst it’s well written, doesn’t have that much fantastical about it.

Niveau, une auteur nouvelle to moi, looks at human/dolphin interaction, through the eyes of both a scientist, and a dolphin. It’s set in the past, linking directly to ‘real world’ use of LSD with dolphins.

I’m not entirely sure that dolphin’s worldview and narrative really works for me, not really being sufficiently ‘different’ to human thought processes. And there’s only that teensy bit of what the use of LSD reveals deep in the dolphin psyche to turn it into genre fiction.

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