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Stories by : William Tenn, Fred Saberhagen, Peter Redgrove, R. Bretnor, John Gallagher, Alfred Bester, Allan Danzig, Bruce McAllister, Lloyd Biggle Jr. Fritz Leiber, Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, Julius Feiffer, Bernard Malamud, J.F. Bone, Walt & Leigh Richmond, Fredric Brown, Frank A. Javor, Ray Nelson, Ben Bova, Andre Maurois, W.J.J. Gordon, Hal Clement, Mort Gerberg, Cliff Owsley, E.C. Tubb, Gerald Kersh, Cordwainer Smith. (Contents only).

Best Science Fiction of the Year 4. ed Terry Carr. Ballantine Books. 1975

Stories by : Bob Shaw, Frederik Pohl, Gordon Eklund and Gregory Benford, Larry Niven, Michael Moorcock, Philip K. Dick, Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny, Ursula K. Le Guin, William Tenn.