Analog, July/August 2009

Daniel Hatch. Seed of Revolution. One in a series of stories, following on from ‘Seed of Destiny’ from the Jan 2003 issue, and ‘Seed of Reason’ from April 1999. The story is set on the planet Chamal, which is notable for shared DNA amongst all species on the planet. Said species are Earth-standard anthropomorphic –… Continue reading Analog, July/August 2009

Analog, May 2009

Adam Troy-Castro. Among the Tchi. A novelist finds his ego suddenly deflated when arriving on-planet to find that not only is he not the only Writer in Residence, he is one in a long, long line of writers who have signed up to a year-long contract. Worst still, the alien hosts take a perverse delight… Continue reading Analog, May 2009

Analog, October 2007

Daniel Hatch. An Angel Headed Hipster Escapes. Jonathan Bender has been uploaded for some time, and is part of a skeleton crew of uploads out in deep space when he is a self-contained unit is a portable can. He sees himself as Jonathan Bender, born in 1951, but he is claimed as salvage, as he… Continue reading Analog, October 2007