Asimovs, October/November 2007

Greg Egan. Dark Integers. A sequel to the well-received and Dozoised (13th) ‘Luminous’ from Asimovs, Sept 1995. According to my mini-summation of that volume : “Massive computing power is used to probe mathematical certainties. And if 2+2 does not equal 4, then what does that mean for the fabric of the universe? Maths was never… Continue reading Asimovs, October/November 2007

Asimovs, December 2006

Paolo Bacigalupi. Yellow Card Man. Bacigalupi’s ‘The Calorie Man’ appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction’s Oct/Nov 2005 volume, and was widely, and rightly applauded. It was one of the strongest stories of the year for my money, from a new author whose initial output has been notable. This story is set in the milieu of… Continue reading Asimovs, December 2006

Analog, June 2008

Richard A. Lovett. Brittney’s Labyrinth. A second appearance for the middle aged man with an implanted AI who has the persona of a teenage girl. (Presumably social services have been informed), who no doubt gets into a predicament that requires getting out of. Ben Bova. Waterbot. I did give this longer shrift than the short… Continue reading Analog, June 2008