Interzone Number 165, March 2001.

Myxomatosis. Simon Ings. A John Christopher tribute, the main character referring to Christopher’s ‘Death of Grass’ and pondering how animals can change their behaviours to respond to changes in the environment, whereas higher animals like mankind can personally struggle to make necessary changes. Rendezvous. John Christopher. A widower, struggling to come to terms with his… Continue reading Interzone Number 165, March 2001.

Asimovs, February 2003

Stephen Baxter. Breeding Ground. Another in the author’s Xeelee sequence. A human warship, human tech on the outside of a space-faring Spline, comes off worse in an encounter with the Xeelee. The remnants of the crew have no choice but to burrow deep into the living creature that had recently served as their vessel. The… Continue reading Asimovs, February 2003

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, December 2002

Asimov’s ‘Special Holiday Issue’ – presumably referring to Thankgsiving, on the basis of the dates it was available on the newstands. Simon Ings. The Convert. Ings has built up a name for himself with stories in Interzone and elsewhere, which are invariably thoughtful and ‘different’. This is not exception. He addresses some philosophical and moral… Continue reading Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, December 2002

Year’s Best SF 7. David G. Hartwell. Eos Books 2002

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Brian W. Aldiss, David Morrell, Edward M. Lerner, Gene Wolfe., Gregory Benford, James Morrow, James Patrick Kelly, Lisa Goldstein, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Richard Chwedyk, Simon Ings, Stephen Baxter, Terry Bisson, Terry Dowling, Thomas M. Disch, Ursula K. Le Guin.

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 19th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2002

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Allen M. Steele, Andy Duncan, Brenda W. Clough, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Charles Stross, Chris Beckett, Dan Simmons, Eleanor Arnason, Geoff Ryman, Howard Waldrop and Leigh Kennedy, Ian R. Macleod, James Kelly, Jim Grimsley, Ken MacLeod, Michael Blumlein, Michael Cassutt, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Paul Di Filippo, Paul McAuley, Robert Reed, Simon Ings, William Sanders.

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 15th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St Martins Griffin. 1998

Stories by : Bill Johnson, Brian Stableford, Carolyn Ives Gilman, David Marusek, G. David Nordley, Geoffrey A. Landis, Greg Egan, Gregory Benford and Elisabeth Malartre, Gwyneth Jones, Howard Waldrop, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Paul J. McAuley, Peter F. Hamilton, Robert Reed, Robert Silverberg, Sean Williams and Simon Brown, Simon Ings, Stephen Baxter, Walter Jon Williams, William Sanders.