Interzone Number 161, November 2000.

The Lady of the Carnelias, Richard Calder. Calder returns once more to his Lord Soho series. The story has skipped a generation and a location – with the grandson of Richard Pike, the incunabulum (Interzone #159, September 2000), who resides in Paris, estranged from his family. The alienated protagonist finds himself mesmerised by Madame Valery,… Continue reading Interzone Number 161, November 2000.

Interzone, Number 151, January 2000

Buy a copy from / Ravenbrand. Michael Moorcock. Interzone enters the Millennium with a Michael Moorcock special issue, marking the 60th birthday of one of the key figures of the British New Wave of SF. The lengthy fiction from him is a tantalising teaser from a forthcoming novel: ‘The Dreamthief’s Daughter’. Ulric, Graf… Continue reading Interzone, Number 151, January 2000

Subterfuge. Edited by Ian Whates, Newcon Press. 2008

Ian Whates latest collection under the NewCon imprint comes in a variety of flavours : paperback, hardback, and special (extra stories!) limited-edition, signed hardback. It is the latter of these reviewed here. And Whates has provided another strong collection, bigger than previous volumes, and worth looking out for. The standard of writing, and the invention in the stories, is almost uniformly excellent, and is strongly recommended

Time Pieces, edited by Ian Whates, Newcon Press, 2006

‘Time Pieces’ is a slim volume, containing eight shorter stories by some well-established names, commemorating NewCon3, a convention held in Northampton in October 2005, at which they (but not as many fans as had been hoped) were present. Liz Williams. Caer Cold. The volume gets off to a good start with the opening paragraph of… Continue reading Time Pieces, edited by Ian Whates, Newcon Press, 2006