The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2008

Sean McMullen. The Twilight Year. A historical tale with the merest whiff of the fantastical. England in the mid-sixth century is the setting, with the populace struggling under the few remaining vestiges of Roman rule, and under the blanket of volcanic cloud spewed from the eruption of Krakatoa. In such times perhaps a mighty hero… Continue reading The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2008

Asimovs, June 2005

Ian McDonald. Little Goddess. The (PDF) issue gets off to a strong start with the reminisences of a girl who has been the ‘Kumari Devi’, a Living Goddess. She remembers how she as a young child she was chosen, the bloodcurdling rituals, the separation from family, and the years waited on hand and foot, worshipped… Continue reading Asimovs, June 2005

Asimovs, September 2003

Ruth Nestvold. Looking Through Lace. Anthropological and xeno-linguistic SF are probably to Asimovs what Scientist SF is to Analog, and there is a danger in using these softer sciences to set up a puzzle which needs solving in the same way as Scientist Fiction uses physics or chemistry to set up a similar conundrum. Ursula… Continue reading Asimovs, September 2003

Science Fiction The Best of the Year 2007 edition, ed Rich Horton, Prime Books 2007

A collection more in tune with my preferences than last year’s, with the exclusion of Analog stories being the primary cause of that.