Analog, March 2009

Dave Bartell. Cavernauts. Initially a setup that appeared to be a bog standard trope : in the caves of Callisto two explorers are trapped, feared dead. Can two nearly-arrived-from-Earth colleague cavers rescue them? The answer is in fact no, as instead of a dramatic rescue (typically involving the understanding of a scientific quirk), Bartell provides… Continue reading Analog, March 2009

Analog, January/February 2009

Rajna Vajra. Doctor Alien. A story from an Analog regular very much in the usual Analog vein – not a challenging read in terms of writing style, unless of course you are awkward sod who finds an easy to read writing style difficult to read. I fall into that camp – I managed just one… Continue reading Analog, January/February 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2002

The cover. Oh my God! The cover! Words fail me….. Amy Bechtel. Sea Changes. Long-standing readers of Analog may recall four previous stories over the last ten years by this author in which a veterinarian has some clients with some strange aquatic ‘pets’. I haven’t been reading Analog that long, but can’t recall any of… Continue reading Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2002