Interzone #203 March/April 2006

Paul di Filippo. The Furthest Schorr : 32 Fugues on the Paintings of Todd Schorr. Clustered on pages throughout the issue are 32 mini-stories – longer than flash fiction, so probably nano-tales as they’re are generally about a half-dozen to a dozen paragraphs long. I’m not a big fan of ‘stories’ this short, especially by… Continue reading Interzone #203 March/April 2006

Interzone #202 January/February 2006

Now the longest-running British SF mag, Interzone continues in glorious full colour, and a hefty 60 pages. The covers continue to be eye catching and top quality (this issueDan Dos Santos, and the interior illustrations ditto. With Interzone having a good distributor for evidently the first time in many, many years, this issue has… Continue reading Interzone #202 January/February 2006

Interzone #201 November/December 2005

A full-colour, handsome issue #201 sees Interzone draw level with New Worlds as Britain’s longest running SF magazine, and re-invigorated by TTA Press with a much more ‘professional’ as opposed to ‘small press’ attitude to the magazine, ones hopes to see the magazine continuing for a long time to come. Paul Di Filippo. Harsh Oases.… Continue reading Interzone #201 November/December 2005

Interzone Number 181 August 2002

Mat Coward. Time Spent in Reconnaissance. A very peculiarly British take on Roswell visitors. Having been held in utmost secrecy for decades, the aliens are being quietly released into society. A short, balding ‘Mr. Easter’ is freed to integrate into a society where people whilst they have little belief, similarly have little disbelief. Initially Eastern… Continue reading Interzone Number 181 August 2002

Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Richard Calder. Zarzuela. Calder has appeared in several issues of Interzone over the past couple of years, with his lengthy, and dense, and enjoyable ‘Lord Soho’ fantasy stories. In this, we are told, Calder is turning his hand to what the editors call ‘space fiction’. It is clear that Calder is slightly less than comfortable… Continue reading Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Interzone Number 170, August 2001

Espiritu Santo. Richard Calder. The final instalment of Calder’s telling of the multi-generational battle of the Lords of Soho against the perverse, both within humanity, and without, from the creatures of the dark depths. This Lord Soho, descendant of the orginal octaroon (1/8th orc) is a hunchback and more orcish than his forebears. Despairing of… Continue reading Interzone Number 170, August 2001

Interzone Number 166, April 2001.

Roach Motel. Richard Calder. Another instalment in the far future Pike family saga, erstwhile claimants to the title Lord Soho of the Darkling Isles. In this tale, rather than skipping a generation, we are re-united with the perverse, doll-hugging, young boy from the ‘The Nephilim’ (February 2001), grown to adulthood, a Captain of the Order… Continue reading Interzone Number 166, April 2001.

Interzone Number 164, February 2001.

The Nephilim. Richard Calder. Calder takes us once more into the far future Britain of his ‘Lord Soho’ series, as seen through the Pike family, erstwhile claimants to that hereditary title. As with previous stories in this sequence which have appeared over the past 18 months in Interzone, we skip one or two generations. In… Continue reading Interzone Number 164, February 2001.

Interzone Number 161, November 2000.

The Lady of the Carnelias, Richard Calder. Calder returns once more to his Lord Soho series. The story has skipped a generation and a location – with the grandson of Richard Pike, the incunabulum (Interzone #159, September 2000), who resides in Paris, estranged from his family. The alienated protagonist finds himself mesmerised by Madame Valery,… Continue reading Interzone Number 161, November 2000.

Interzone, Number 159, September 2000

Incunabula, Richard Calder. Every so often I come across a story during the reading of which it becomes obvious that I am really, really enjoying the story. This is one such story. A rich, inventive, fantasy, set in far-future Britain. Richard Pike, erstwhile Lordo Soho, is an incunabula, a rare genetic throwback who houses some… Continue reading Interzone, Number 159, September 2000

Interzone, Number 154, April 2000

Lord Soho, Richard Calder. A rich, entertaining story, a far distant sequel to the author’s Malignos story which appeared previously in Interzone, and which has been expanded into a novel by the same name. (note: a further sequela to this current story, appears in Interzone #159, September 2000) Richard Pike attains his majority, inheriting the… Continue reading Interzone, Number 154, April 2000

Richard Calder. The Twist. 4W8W, 2003.

Richard Calder’s purple (at times turgidly so) prose featured regularly in UK magazine Interzone with several lengthy, linked stories appearing in a number of issues. Those stories were fixed-up into the novel ‘Lord Soho’, and, if the letters page of the magazine were anything to go by, divided readers into two camps – those who… Continue reading Richard Calder. The Twist. 4W8W, 2003.