Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, December 2003

P.J. Plauger. Lucky Luke. Lucky is almost 21, and thus about to come into the inheritance left for him in his scientist father’s will (he was orphaned at five). That’s the good news. The bad news : his guardian, the owner of a private college, is not at all keen on this happening, and is… Continue reading Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, December 2003

Best Science Fiction of the Year 5. ed Terry Carr. 1976

Stories by : Algis Budrys, Cordwainer Smith, Gene Wolfe., George R. R. Martin, Gregory Benford, Harlan Ellison, John Varley, Lisa Tuttle, P.J. Plauger, Richard A. Lupoff, Robert F. Young, Ursula K. Le Guin.

The 1976 Annual World’s Best SF. edited by Donald A. Wollheim. DAW, 1976

Stories by : Fritz Leiber, Joan D. Vinge and Vernor Vinge, Barrington J. Bayley, Lisa Tuttle and George R.R. Martin, Brian M. Stableford, Michael Bishop, P.J. Plauger, Stephen Robinett, John Brunner, Richard Cowper.