Interzone #222 June 2009

Kim Lakin-Smith. Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married. Steam-driven 1950s Rebel Without a Cause type-punks. After cyberpunk, and steampunk, presumably punkpunk. With a Romeo and Juliet cross-gang love affair, the titular couple are in a race to get to the church in time – before they get wasted by her ex. Short and entertaining while it… Continue reading Interzone #222 June 2009

Interzone #199 July/August 2005

TTA Press took over Interzone last year, and it has made a refreshing change to be party to the thoughts behind what publisher/editor Andy Cox and his team have in mind with regard to the direction of the venerable title, through the TTA Press Discussion Boards. With the previous regime a smoky bar in Brighton… Continue reading Interzone #199 July/August 2005