Interzone Number 195, November/December 2004

I pondered in my review of the first TTA-published issue of Interzone as to how TTA were going to keep the identity of Interzone and The 3rd Alternative separate. The 3rd Alternative #39 made that clear, as editor Andy Cox stated that The 3rd Alternative was not going to include SF any more, and was… Continue reading Interzone Number 195, November/December 2004

Interzone Number 190 July/August

John Meaney. Entangled Eyes are Smiling. Jack’s love life takes a turn for the worse when Anya leaves him. In his cups (or pints of Guinness) the Irishman is able to take advantage of the alien presence, the Zajinet, to sort things out. An implant in his brain appears to be a painless solution, but… Continue reading Interzone Number 190 July/August

Interzone Number 187 March 2003

Nicholas Waller. Sandtrap. Lin Adenuka arrives on planet 48-274C, known locally as ‘Churned’. He is on Arbiter business, and the small team of scientists terraforming the planet have every reason to be worried, as he is investigating what he believes to be a murder, and not an accident, as their ‘accident’ report suggested. A beginning… Continue reading Interzone Number 187 March 2003