Interzone Number 195, November/December 2004

I pondered in my review of the first TTA-published issue of Interzone as to how TTA were going to keep the identity of Interzone and The 3rd Alternative separate. The 3rd Alternative #39 made that clear, as editor Andy Cox stated that The 3rd Alternative was not going to include SF any more, and was… Continue reading Interzone Number 195, November/December 2004

Asimovs, January 2004

Brian Stableford. Nectar. The teens are typically an awkward period of growing into adulthood, but for Sara the problems are compounded by the fact that she has eight parents (four couples) on her case. She has a plethora of parents as in this near future setting children are becoming increasingly rare commodities, as longevity (this… Continue reading Asimovs, January 2004