Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, December 2003

I missed this when it first hit the shelves, so a mini-review some months after the event. Connie Willis. Just Like the Ones We Used To Know. The Christmas Special leads of with a story about an exceptionally heavy snowfall across the whole of the US of A. And, erm, that’s about it. John Alfred… Continue reading Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, December 2003

Asimovs, February 2003

Stephen Baxter. Breeding Ground. Another in the author’s Xeelee sequence. A human warship, human tech on the outside of a space-faring Spline, comes off worse in an encounter with the Xeelee. The remnants of the crew have no choice but to burrow deep into the living creature that had recently served as their vessel. The… Continue reading Asimovs, February 2003