Analog, January/February 2008

Joe Haldeman. Marsbound. The first part of a three-part serialisation gets the double issue underway. J Timothy Bagwell. Tangible Light. A story that reads very much as being from a novice writer. It just needs more work in most of areas to get beyond a couple of interesting premises and settings. A young man has… Continue reading Analog, January/February 2008

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, February 2002

The issue starts with Part II of IV of Robert J. Sawyer’s novel ‘Hominids’. Presence of Mind. Edward M. Lerner. The story follows a short ‘biolog’ of one Edward J. Lerner – not the first name the middle initial has been problematic in electronic format for this author! Lerner provides a near-future techno-thriller in which… Continue reading Analog Science Fiction and Fact, February 2002