Interzone #214 February 2008

Jason Stoddard. Far Horizon. Stoddard continues his run of strong stories in Interzone, in this lengthy and ambitious story. It follows Alex Farrel’s determination to see beyond the few decades left to him. He is not content with having untold wealth and fame through his hi-tech nano invention – he wants to know what lies… Continue reading Interzone #214 February 2008

Interzone #204 May/June 2006

This issue arrived a good few weeks ago, and was read in short order, but I’ve been struggling to find non-work time at the computer of late! Mercurio D. Rivera. Longing for Langalana. The author’s going to have problems promoting this one : sending promotional emails From : Mercurio D. Rivera Subject: Longing for Langalana… Continue reading Interzone #204 May/June 2006