Year’s Best SF 15. (eds Hartwell/Cramer, Eos Books, 2010).

As ever, a strong collection of stories, albeit fairly ‘safe’ in terms of a relatively narrow range of sources.

Analog, July/August 2009

Daniel Hatch. Seed of Revolution. One in a series of stories, following on from ‘Seed of Destiny’ from the Jan 2003 issue, and ‘Seed of Reason’ from April 1999. The story is set on the planet Chamal, which is notable for shared DNA amongst all species on the planet. Said species are Earth-standard anthropomorphic –… Continue reading Analog, July/August 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, June 2002

One of the benefits of reading a magazine in electronic format is that you don’t have to worry about fellow commuters thinking that you are reading something of a quality on a par with the cover illustration! Rajnar Vajra. Sidehunter. A story which I ended speed-reading towards the end. A fairly routine SF adventure on… Continue reading Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, June 2002