Interzone #203 March/April 2006

Paul di Filippo. The Furthest Schorr : 32 Fugues on the Paintings of Todd Schorr. Clustered on pages throughout the issue are 32 mini-stories – longer than flash fiction, so probably nano-tales as they’re are generally about a half-dozen to a dozen paragraphs long. I’m not a big fan of ‘stories’ this short, especially by… Continue reading Interzone #203 March/April 2006

Interzone Number 194, September/October 2004

Only a couple of years ago things were looking rosy for the British SF magazine market. Interzone had been publishing monthly since 1990, Spectrum SF was providing some very solid SF content, and new magazine 3SF from Big Engine had just been launched. Sadly, Spectrum SF slowly faded away, and 3SF managed just a few… Continue reading Interzone Number 194, September/October 2004