Asimovs, March 2007

Mary Rosenblum. Breeze From the Stars. An almost quintessential Asimovs story. Jeri is in low Earth orbit, part of a crew of rough and ready rock jocks – pilots who scour space for space junk and asteroids likely to cause problems for other vessels and habitats in the area. He’s moody as his latest posting… Continue reading Asimovs, March 2007

Asimovs, February 2006

Reviewed : MobiPocket version on a Tapwave Zodiac. Jonathan Sherwood. Under the Graying Sea. The largest protospike engine in history propels Tessa and Lorand towards the stars, in a spacecraft – or, more accurately, a Concussion Vehicle, for in order to make use of the wormhole that is to be humanity’s pathway to the stars,… Continue reading Asimovs, February 2006

Asimovs, February 2003

Stephen Baxter. Breeding Ground. Another in the author’s Xeelee sequence. A human warship, human tech on the outside of a space-faring Spline, comes off worse in an encounter with the Xeelee. The remnants of the crew have no choice but to burrow deep into the living creature that had recently served as their vessel. The… Continue reading Asimovs, February 2003

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, March 2002

I’ve been reading e-versions of Asimovs for some months now, but went back to the dead-tree version for this issue. Issues over the e-version for me are reading for a couple of hours a day on a small palm-top screen can be a bit of a strain reading a lot on a palm-top requires the… Continue reading Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, March 2002

Science Fiction The Best of 2001, edited by Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber. ibooks, 2002

Stories by : Dan Simmons, Gregory Benford, Ian Watson, James Patrick Kelly, Jim Grimsley, Michael Blumlein, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Richard Wadholm, Robin Wayne Bailey, Stephen Baxter.

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 19th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2002

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Allen M. Steele, Andy Duncan, Brenda W. Clough, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Charles Stross, Chris Beckett, Dan Simmons, Eleanor Arnason, Geoff Ryman, Howard Waldrop and Leigh Kennedy, Ian R. Macleod, James Kelly, Jim Grimsley, Ken MacLeod, Michael Blumlein, Michael Cassutt, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Paul Di Filippo, Paul McAuley, Robert Reed, Simon Ings, William Sanders.

Years Best Science Fiction 16th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois 1999

Stories by : Bruce Sterling, Cherry Wilder, Chris Lawson, Cory Doctorow, Geoffrey A. Landis, Greg Egan, Gwyneth Jones, Howard Waldrop, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, Jim Grimsley, Liz Williams, Michael Swanwick, Paul J. McAuley, Rob Chilson, Robert Charles Wilson, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter, Tanith Lee, Ted Chiang, Tony Daniel, Ursula K. Le Guin, William Barton, William Browning Spencer