Asimovs. December 2009.

This issue got caught up in the big revamp of Best SF, and wasn’t reviewed close to the reading of the stories. Time being short, I had planned to give a quick recap on the stories a couple of months later – which would be one way of identifying which stories had more impact at… Continue reading Asimovs. December 2009.

Asimovs, January 2007

Nancy Kress. Safeguard. A classy piece of writing from Kress, who cleverly intertwines story and backstory to reach a shattering denouement. Three young children are being ‘raised’ in a small habitat, with only a minumum of human contact, and the humans they contact are biohazard-suited. We find out that they are in some way a… Continue reading Asimovs, January 2007

Fast Forward 2. ed Lou Anders, pub Pyr 2008.

As with #1, another handsome collection of short SF from some of the biggest names in SF. Praise especially for making room for the lengthy Rosenbaum/Doctorow story.