Interzone #199 July/August 2005

TTA Press took over Interzone last year, and it has made a refreshing change to be party to the thoughts behind what publisher/editor Andy Cox and his team have in mind with regard to the direction of the venerable title, through the TTA Press Discussion Boards. With the previous regime a smoky bar in Brighton… Continue reading Interzone #199 July/August 2005

Interzone Number 189 May/June 2003

Dominic Green. The Rule of Terror. Green returns to the type of near future, dark, blackly comic dystopian England of his ‘Queen of Hearts’ from Interzone 173. England no longer has a monarchy, its own currency, nor drives on the left of the road, and Segway are a preferred mode of transport – was that… Continue reading Interzone Number 189 May/June 2003