Interzone #214 February 2008

Jason Stoddard. Far Horizon. Stoddard continues his run of strong stories in Interzone, in this lengthy and ambitious story. It follows Alex Farrel’s determination to see beyond the few decades left to him. He is not content with having untold wealth and fame through his hi-tech nano invention – he wants to know what lies… Continue reading Interzone #214 February 2008

Interzone #213 Dec 2007

Chris Roberson. Metal Dragon. Another in Roberson’s ‘Celestial Empire’ series, in which China is a world power. Here we see a space race – not US/USSR as was the case here, but China/Mexico. We find out more about the power struggle between these two world powers, and with the Chinese attempt to be first to… Continue reading Interzone #213 Dec 2007

Interzone #208 January/February 2007

Jason Stoddard. Softly Shining in the Forbidden Dark. A far future drama with a strange cast. Kim is an ancient human, making a return trip to the planet Manoa as a virtual self, after the immense suffering caused by the Ascendant, and Dark Life, on her previous trip to the planet. She is joined by… Continue reading Interzone #208 January/February 2007

Interzone #200 September/October 2005

A milestone issue for Interzone, and it has reached #200 re-invigorated to an extent that the phrase ‘venerable Interzone’, with which the issue would have been greeted had the magazine made it to this point under its previous ownership, is entirely inappropriate for this full-colour, eye-watering issue. Eye-watering? Well, the smell of freshly printed ink… Continue reading Interzone #200 September/October 2005

Interzone Number 196 January/February 2005

Jason Stoddard. Winning Mars. The Stoddard story is illustrated on the cover of this issue – but note that the picture a foxy chick in a skingtight spacesuit isn’t in any way misogynistic, as it is an important part of the Stoddard story ;-) Of course, this spacesuited chick is perfect for the SF market,… Continue reading Interzone Number 196 January/February 2005