Interzone #215 April 2008

Jamie Barras. The Endling. Far future setting, with three different perspectives : Asha, some form of human exploring some form of watery setting; Wright, perhaps the last human, regrown by the Melzemi; and Called 83 In Honour Of Another Of That Name, a forest-dweller, about to repel invaders. The three strands are linked by one… Continue reading Interzone #215 April 2008

Interzone #209 April 2007

Interzone celebrates its 25th Anniversary Issue, courtesy of the sterling work of Andy Cox and team at TTA Press. Only minor quibble is that this issue is yet another different size and shape : my Interzone shelf shows the first 20-odd years as having three different sizes, and for most of this time, just two… Continue reading Interzone #209 April 2007

Interzone #206 September/October 2006

Jamie Barras. The Beekeeper. An excellent story, its impact all the greater for some atmospheric, appropriate to the story, top quality illustrations. Barras creates an intriguing setting, with interesting characters, and a plot that is far beyond a lot of routine SF. In the far future, a small group of post-humans land on a planet,… Continue reading Interzone #206 September/October 2006

Interzone #204 May/June 2006

This issue arrived a good few weeks ago, and was read in short order, but I’ve been struggling to find non-work time at the computer of late! Mercurio D. Rivera. Longing for Langalana. The author’s going to have problems promoting this one : sending promotional emails From : Mercurio D. Rivera Subject: Longing for Langalana… Continue reading Interzone #204 May/June 2006