Interzone Number 177, March 2002

A 20th Anniversary issue, with Guest Editors Nick Gevers and Keith Brooke of the InfinityPlus website. Michael Swanwick. Five British Dinosaurs. Swanwick at his gently humorous best, with five alternate-takes on dinosaurs and Victorian England, including a quite civilized chap (as illustrated) who finds the base characterizations of his species quite beyond the pale. Top… Continue reading Interzone Number 177, March 2002

Interzone Number 171, September 2001

The Frankenberg Process. Eric Brown. Shades of ‘Think Like a Dinosaur’, in that the Frankenberg Process is one which ‘translates’ copies of scientists off-Earth. However, the translation puts ‘copies’ of those scientists on planets far from Earth, leaving the originals to carry on. In a militaristic future, Freeman (none too subtle a name!) has the… Continue reading Interzone Number 171, September 2001

Interzone Number 163, January 2001.

Catch the Sleep Ship: the first science-fiction story of the century. George Zebrowski. Complements the author’s “The last science fiction story of the twentieth century” (Interzone #162, December 2000). In this short tale an old sci-fi writer (sic) looks back on the days (cover illustrations supplied) when he and his colleagues used their talents to… Continue reading Interzone Number 163, January 2001.

Extraordinary Engines : the definitive Steampunk Anthology, ed Nick Gevers pub Solaris 2008

An excellent collection, with only a couple of weaker contributions. A couple are more fantasy than steampunk, but there is high quality writing throughout and a couple of stories that linger (Youmans, Lanagan and Lake) for some time.

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, ed George Mann, 2007

Sixteen stories, of which I’d say 8 hit the mark. It’s a collection of fairly traditional SF, eschewing the new speculative, as perhaps might be expected with the authors for the most being well established. The majority of the stories could have been written anytime during the 1990s, making it a good, if safe collection, and a solid start.