Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, June 2002

Having had to hand back my PDA upon leaving my last employer, I had gone without a mobile e-reading facility for a couple of months. Struggling with this lack, and also really not wanting to have to go back to copying from my MS Outlook in to a paper diary, I purchased my own piece… Continue reading Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, June 2002

Analog, March 2008

Catherina Asaro. The Spacetime Pool. A plot with more than a nod to Charles Stross’ ‘Merchant Princes’ series it would appear, although a story which feels more like it should be written by a nerdy male scientist type, in its having an attractive young woman wearing a flimsy harem-type outfit escaping from peril using her… Continue reading Analog, March 2008

Analog, September 2007

Dave Creek. Some Distant Shore. Mike and Linna, from three previous Analog stories, are witness to two star systems colliding. The story gets off to a cumbersome start, with the introductory paras reeling off the names of planets, other alien races nearby, and their space ships all thrown into the mix. As an example of… Continue reading Analog, September 2007