Walter C. DeBill, Jr., Richard Gavin, Robert M. Price, W.H. Pugmire, Jeffrey Thomas, and Don Webb. Night Gauntlet. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2011)

Short dose of campus-based academic eldritch horrors, with the dark horrors complemented by some science (“Dr. Heyschius had been at work on a special torsion field theory that took Anatoly Akimov’s work and replaced his solutions to Maxwell equations with Type IIB string theory while maintaining the “alternate” interpretations of Einstein-Cartan theory”), written round-robin.

Interzone Number 175, January 2002

Dominic Green. Blue Water, Grey Death. Non-genre story about two men who get in above their depth. They find out that dolphins are not quite as friendly as they are made out to be. Alexander Glass. Lucid. Glass is a young British author who has produced some good stories to date. Here is his take… Continue reading Interzone Number 175, January 2002

Interzone 153 March 2000

Cadre Siblings. Stephen Baxter. Baxter packs a lot into a short space: a post-invasion Earth, with a conquered humanity greatly reduced in numbers and struggling to retain that humanity as the Qax systematically erase human history. Who is best placed to defend humanity – those working within the Qax system, or those outside it? Baxter… Continue reading Interzone 153 March 2000

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2007

Ian R. MacLeod. The Master Miller’s Tale.. Based in the alternate setting of his novel ‘The Light Ages’, MacLeod paints a very atmospheric picture of rural Lincolnshire in England as the old ways are making way, reluctantly, for the new ones. The alternate element is that of the magic – the bucolic, rural magic which… Continue reading The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2007

Fantasy and Science Fiction May 2002

Paul Di Filippo. The Short Ashy Afterlife of Hiram P. Dottle. The bookish Dottle finds his path from quiet middle age to the end of his life takes a rather strange, and shorter, turn when he meets an attractive young woman. His naivety prevents him from seeing that she is a gold-digger, and unfortunately for… Continue reading Fantasy and Science Fiction May 2002

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 11th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1994

Stories by : Brian W. Aldiss, Bruce Sterling, Charles Sheffield, Connie Willis, Dan Simmons, Don Webb, G. David Nordley, Greg Egan, Ian R. Macleod, Jack Cady, Joe Haldeman, Jr, Mark Rich, Maureen F. McHugh and David B. Kisor, Mike Resnick, Nancy Kress, Neal Barrett, Pat Cadigan, Rebecca Ore, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter, Steven Utley, Walter Jon Williams, William Browning Spencer