Asimovs, January 2008

Rudy Rucker and Marc Laidlaw. The Perfect Wave. Rucker has collaborated in Asimovs recently with Bruce Sterling, with ‘Hormiga Canyon’ in Aug 2007 featuring a pair of dudes heading into uncharted nano-territory in the desert. Here Rucker and Laidlaw serve up some surfpunk SF, in which a VR-surfing facility out back of Cheezemore Ratt’s Surf… Continue reading Asimovs, January 2008

Asimovs, March 2007

Mary Rosenblum. Breeze From the Stars. An almost quintessential Asimovs story. Jeri is in low Earth orbit, part of a crew of rough and ready rock jocks – pilots who scour space for space junk and asteroids likely to cause problems for other vessels and habitats in the area. He’s moody as his latest posting… Continue reading Asimovs, March 2007