Analog, October 2008

Richard A. Lovett & Mark Neimann-Ross. New Wineskins. Simple premise : a vineyard is able to get around problems with migrant labor by employing, at low cost, migrant workers who remain in their own country, tele-controlling grape picking robotics. The drama comes through a reporter who sniffs out the story, and camps out overnight to… Continue reading Analog, October 2008

Analog, September 2008

Henry G. Stratmann. The Last Tempation of Katerina Savitskaya. A sequel to ‘The Paradise Project’ (Analog Nov 2007) which I noted was ‘very much Golden Age SF in its telling and characterisation … some charmingly old-fashioned morals’. And sure enough we are re-introduced to Katerina standing with her freshly shampooed hair blowing in the breeze,… Continue reading Analog, September 2008

Analog, July/August 2008

David R. Palmer. Tracking. Part I. Novel serialisation. Carl Frederick. The Exoanthropic Principle. Having provided a science fact article on the anthropic principle, Analog regular Frederick segues into scientist fiction covering similar themes, as a group of scientists in their little lab gain an insight into the bigger picture of which our universe is part,… Continue reading Analog, July/August 2008