Interzone Number 193 Spring 2004

This is the last David Pringle edited/published issue of Interzone, and the Pringle era ended with a whimper and not a bang. With issues only appearing sporadically, many distributors had dropped the title by the time this issue appeared, and none of my usual bookstores had it in stock. So it is a peculiarly nostalgic… Continue reading Interzone Number 193 Spring 2004

Interzone Number 192 November/December 2003

With this issue Interzone moves to a bi-monthly publication. Irritatingly for the anally bibliographical amongst us, the previous issue, 191, was dated September, so October 2003 has disappeared into the aether. Paul Di Filippo. A Monument to After-Thought Unveiled. Di Filippo takes poet Robert Frost down a road less-travelled : a road in which his… Continue reading Interzone Number 192 November/December 2003

Interzone Number 189 May/June 2003

Dominic Green. The Rule of Terror. Green returns to the type of near future, dark, blackly comic dystopian England of his ‘Queen of Hearts’ from Interzone 173. England no longer has a monarchy, its own currency, nor drives on the left of the road, and Segway are a preferred mode of transport – was that… Continue reading Interzone Number 189 May/June 2003

Interzone Number 186 February 2003

Eric Brown. The Wisdom of the Dead. Interzone have published a number of stories in Brown’s ‘Kethani’ sequence. Here we are reunited with Richard – a Ferryman, who takes the bodies of the dead to the Kethani, who whisk the bodies back to their home planet, and resurrect them. This story gives more detail on… Continue reading Interzone Number 186 February 2003

Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Richard Calder. Zarzuela. Calder has appeared in several issues of Interzone over the past couple of years, with his lengthy, and dense, and enjoyable ‘Lord Soho’ fantasy stories. In this, we are told, Calder is turning his hand to what the editors call ‘space fiction’. It is clear that Calder is slightly less than comfortable… Continue reading Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Interzone 153 March 2000

Cadre Siblings. Stephen Baxter. Baxter packs a lot into a short space: a post-invasion Earth, with a conquered humanity greatly reduced in numbers and struggling to retain that humanity as the Qax systematically erase human history. Who is best placed to defend humanity – those working within the Qax system, or those outside it? Baxter… Continue reading Interzone 153 March 2000

Year’s Best SF 6. David G. Hartwell. Eos Books 2001

Stories by : Brian Stableford, Brian W. Aldiss Steppenpferd, Charles Dexter Ward, Chris Beckett, Dan Simmons, Darrell Schweitzer, David Brin, David Langford, Greg Egan, Howard Waldrop, Joan Slonczewski, John M. Ford, Ken MacLeod, M. Shayne Bell, Michael F. Flynn, Nancy Kress, Norman Spinrad, Paul J. McAuley, Robert Charles Wilson, Robert Reed, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg, Stephen Baxter, Stephen Dedman, Tananarive Due, Ted Chiang, Ursula K. Le Guin