Interzone #209 April 2007

Interzone celebrates its 25th Anniversary Issue, courtesy of the sterling work of Andy Cox and team at TTA Press. Only minor quibble is that this issue is yet another different size and shape : my Interzone shelf shows the first 20-odd years as having three different sizes, and for most of this time, just two… Continue reading Interzone #209 April 2007

Interzone #207 November/December 2006

With a striking cover from Richard Marchand, issue #207 has reverted to a slightly smaller, stapled format having been perfect-bound for some months. I can see that this is doubtless economically sensible, but I did like having the thicker spine with the issue number and other details readable! The interior design is up to the… Continue reading Interzone #207 November/December 2006

Interzone Number 190 July/August

John Meaney. Entangled Eyes are Smiling. Jack’s love life takes a turn for the worse when Anya leaves him. In his cups (or pints of Guinness) the Irishman is able to take advantage of the alien presence, the Zajinet, to sort things out. An implant in his brain appears to be a painless solution, but… Continue reading Interzone Number 190 July/August

Interzone Number 188 April 2003

A special issue in that it has been edited by Paul Brazier, whose magazine SF Nexus was incorporated into Interzone some time ago. Geoff Ryman. Birth Days. Ryman rarely fails to impress with his short fiction. Here we follow a gay man from his sixteenth birthday, when he is accidentally outed to his mother, through… Continue reading Interzone Number 188 April 2003

Interzone Number 184 November/December 2002

For the second time in 2002 Interzone gives an issue a double-month attribution in an attempt to get its cover date in line with those magazines which date their issues a couple of months ahead. Philip Lawson (Michael Bishop and Paul Di Filippo). ‘We’re All in this Alone’. Lawson is the pseudonym used by Bishop… Continue reading Interzone Number 184 November/December 2002

Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Richard Calder. Zarzuela. Calder has appeared in several issues of Interzone over the past couple of years, with his lengthy, and dense, and enjoyable ‘Lord Soho’ fantasy stories. In this, we are told, Calder is turning his hand to what the editors call ‘space fiction’. It is clear that Calder is slightly less than comfortable… Continue reading Interzone Number 178, April 2002

Science Fiction : The Best of the Year 2006 Edition – edited by Rich Horton, Prime Books, September 2006

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Daniel Kaysen, Douglas Lain, Howard Waldrop, James Patrick Kelly, James Van Pelt, Joe Haldeman, Leah Bobet, Mary Rosenblum, Michael Swanwick, Robert Reed, Stephen Leigh, Susan Palwick, Tom Purdom, Wil McCarthy.