Analog, June 2008

Richard A. Lovett. Brittney’s Labyrinth. A second appearance for the middle aged man with an implanted AI who has the persona of a teenage girl. (Presumably social services have been informed), who no doubt gets into a predicament that requires getting out of. Ben Bova. Waterbot. I did give this longer shrift than the short… Continue reading Analog, June 2008

Analog, April 2008

Thomas R. Dulsi. Guaranteed Not to Turn Pink in the Can. A private investigator is hired by a concerned father to check up on his daughter – an academic who has suddenly eschewed her scientific background for best-seller popular science. The PI is intrigued, as her first book, about alien abduction, is clearly an academic… Continue reading Analog, April 2008

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, December 2006

C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley. Imperfect Gods. A sequel to ‘Kremer’s Limit’ (Analog July/August 2006) in which Hilda Kremer overcame political opposition to get a mission to create an artificial black hole underway. This story starts with her arriving at a planet circling Groombridge 34A, a long journey from Earth. The scientific experiment… Continue reading Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, December 2006