Interzone #218 October 2008

British author Chris Beckett gets an issue dedicated to him – well, the first half of the issue, in that there are three stories and an interview with this full-time social work academic and part-time writer. A nod of appreciation to the top quality cover illustration by Warwick Fraser-Coombe. So what of this issue? Chris… Continue reading Interzone #218 October 2008

Interzone #206 September/October 2006

Jamie Barras. The Beekeeper. An excellent story, its impact all the greater for some atmospheric, appropriate to the story, top quality illustrations. Barras creates an intriguing setting, with interesting characters, and a plot that is far beyond a lot of routine SF. In the far future, a small group of post-humans land on a planet,… Continue reading Interzone #206 September/October 2006

Interzone Number 198 May/June 2005

Chris Beckett. Piccadilly Circus. The eighteenth story of Beckett’s in Interzone, and one of the best that I have read. A near-future London is the setting, and for Clarissa Fell it is decaying, dark and lifeless. However, for the rest of the population, now uploaded into an Urban Consensual Field, the virtual London which they… Continue reading Interzone Number 198 May/June 2005

Interzone Number 186 February 2003

Eric Brown. The Wisdom of the Dead. Interzone have published a number of stories in Brown’s ‘Kethani’ sequence. Here we are reunited with Richard – a Ferryman, who takes the bodies of the dead to the Kethani, who whisk the bodies back to their home planet, and resurrect them. This story gives more detail on… Continue reading Interzone Number 186 February 2003

Interzone Number 183 October 2002

John Meaney. The Whisper of Discs. A well written and evocative piece, of longer length, which the story deserves. The final days of a very elderly, wealthy and successful IT businesswomen are interspersed with memories of her life, and also with a forebear – for she is a descendant of Ada, Lady Lovelace, she of… Continue reading Interzone Number 183 October 2002

Interzone Number 180 June/July 2002

The publishers are at pains to point out that whilst this issue is dated ‘June/July’ this does not mean that Interzone is now publishing bi-monthly, but rather that they are trying to catch up on slippage on production. By cunning maniupulation of the space-time continuum, they are now endeavouring to have their magazine appear in… Continue reading Interzone Number 180 June/July 2002

Interzone Number 173, November 2001

Queen of Hearts. Dominic Green. A couple of years ago Green’s ‘That Thing Over There’ (Interzone #132) was picked by Hartwell for his annual Years Best, and last year’s Xmas jolly ‘Rude Elves’ (Interzone 162) and ‘Grass’ earlier this year (Interzone 168), all appealed to me. Surprisingly then, I gave up on this story halfway… Continue reading Interzone Number 173, November 2001

Interzone Number 172, October 2001

The Invisible Hand Rolls the Dice. Carolyn Ives Gillman. Lee Pao Nelson is a wealthy, successful businessman. But as is always the case, there are other wealthier, more successful businessmen. The bugbear for Lee is that he is not himself quoted on the Personality Exchange, a recognition of trend-setter status. Whilst pitching a World Church… Continue reading Interzone Number 172, October 2001

Interzone, Number 160, October 2000

The Worms of Hess, Barrington J. Bayley. I approached this story with no little trepidation, based on reading Bayley’s short story in the previous issue of Interzone. How do you follow a story which ends with gastro-fecal unpleasantness? Well, Bayley continues with some stomach-turning (or, more accurately, stomach-ejecting) biology, that also includes one character being… Continue reading Interzone, Number 160, October 2000

Interzone, Number 158, August 2000

Liberty Zone, Keith Brooke. Keith Brooke, not content with having SF novels published at an early age, and writing good short SF, is also behind the hugely impressive InfinityPlus fiction site. ‘Liberty Spin’ is set on a deep space habitat, which has been spinning out of control, uninhabited, for many years, following political upheaval. Teams… Continue reading Interzone, Number 158, August 2000

Interzone, Number 154, April 2000

Lord Soho, Richard Calder. A rich, entertaining story, a far distant sequel to the author’s Malignos story which appeared previously in Interzone, and which has been expanded into a novel by the same name. (note: a further sequela to this current story, appears in Interzone #159, September 2000) Richard Pike attains his majority, inheriting the… Continue reading Interzone, Number 154, April 2000

Interzone 153 March 2000

Cadre Siblings. Stephen Baxter. Baxter packs a lot into a short space: a post-invasion Earth, with a conquered humanity greatly reduced in numbers and struggling to retain that humanity as the Qax systematically erase human history. Who is best placed to defend humanity – those working within the Qax system, or those outside it? Baxter… Continue reading Interzone 153 March 2000

Asimovs, October/November 2004

Charles Stross. Survivor. The penultimate Accelerando series, in which Manfred Mancx finally makes a corporeal return, and those who have kept that status and stayed at home find out about the true nature of Meiko the cat, and themselves (Manfred and Pamela’s breakup somewhat more complex than they had though), and they appear set to… Continue reading Asimovs, October/November 2004

Asimovs, March 2004

Robert Reed. A Plague of Life. Reed sucks us into a story with a lot of history. A long-lived dog is our introduction to a near-future Earth in which overpopulation has become a major problem, exacerbated by those who have lived for centuries, or, indeed, millenia. Hannah reluctantly returns to the family farm, ruled by… Continue reading Asimovs, March 2004

Year’s Best SF 6. David G. Hartwell. Eos Books 2001

Stories by : Brian Stableford, Brian W. Aldiss Steppenpferd, Charles Dexter Ward, Chris Beckett, Dan Simmons, Darrell Schweitzer, David Brin, David Langford, Greg Egan, Howard Waldrop, Joan Slonczewski, John M. Ford, Ken MacLeod, M. Shayne Bell, Michael F. Flynn, Nancy Kress, Norman Spinrad, Paul J. McAuley, Robert Charles Wilson, Robert Reed, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg, Stephen Baxter, Stephen Dedman, Tananarive Due, Ted Chiang, Ursula K. Le Guin

Year’s Best SF 5. David G. Hartwell. Eos Books 2000

Stories by : Barry N. Malzberg, Brian Aldiss, Brian M. Stableford, Chris Beckett, Chris Lawson, Cory Doctorow, Curt Wohleber, Elisabeth Malartre, Fred Lerner, G. David Nordley, Gene Wolfe, Geoff Ryman, Greg Egan, Hiroe Suga, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucy Sussex, Mary Soon Lee, Michael Bishop, Michael Swanwick, Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Reed, Sarah Zettel, Stephen Baxter, Terry Bisson, Tom Purdom

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 23rd Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2006

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Bruce Sterling, Chris Beckett, Chris Roberson, Daryl Gregory, David Gerrold, David Moles, Dominic Green, Elizabeth Bear, Gene Wolfe., Gwyneth Jones, Hannu Rajaniemi, Harry Turtledove, Ian McDonald, James Patrick Kelly, Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold, Joe Haldeman, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams, Mary Rosenblum, Michael Swanwick, Neal Asher, Paolo Bacigalupi, Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter, Stephen Popkes, Vonda N McIntyre, William Sanders

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 20th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2003

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Alex Irvine, Bruce Sterling, Charles Coleman Finlay, Charles Stross, Chris Beckett, Eleanor Arnason, Geoff Ryman, Greg Egan, Gregory Benford, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, James Van Pelt, John Kessel, John Meaney, Kage Baker, Maureen F. McHugh, Michael Swanwick, Molly Gloss, Nancy Kress, Paul McAuley, Richard Wadholm, Robert Reed, Steven Popkes, Walter Jon Williams

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 19th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2002

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Allen M. Steele, Andy Duncan, Brenda W. Clough, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Charles Stross, Chris Beckett, Dan Simmons, Eleanor Arnason, Geoff Ryman, Howard Waldrop and Leigh Kennedy, Ian R. Macleod, James Kelly, Jim Grimsley, Ken MacLeod, Michael Blumlein, Michael Cassutt, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Paul Di Filippo, Paul McAuley, Robert Reed, Simon Ings, William Sanders.

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 9th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1992

Stories by : Alexander Jablokov, Brian W. Aldiss, Chris Beckett, Connie Willis, Geoffrey A. Landis, Greg Egan, Gregory Benford, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, Jack Dann, James Patrick Kelly, Karen Joy Fowler, Kathe Koja, Kim Newman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Lois Tilton, Mark L, Mike Resnick, Nancy Kress, Pat Cadigan, Paul J. McAuley, Rick Shelley, Robert Reed, Robert Silverberg, Walter Jon Williams, William Gibson

The Ant-Men of Tibet and other stories. Edited by David Pringle. Big Engine, 2001.

The Ant-Men of Tibet. Stephen Baxter Originally in Interzone #95, May 1995. Baxter pays a classy tribute to HG Wells’ ‘The First Men in the Moon’. He has done this previously – with the novel ‘The Time Ships’, which was a sequel to ‘The Time Machine’, and the short story ‘The Columbiad’. In this story… Continue reading The Ant-Men of Tibet and other stories. Edited by David Pringle. Big Engine, 2001.