Interzone #221 March/April 2009

Will McIntosh. A Clown Escapes From Circus Town. When Beaners the Clown escapes the hell that is Circus Town, he finds a world made of other theme towns, each populated by characters similarly constrained by their environment. Forming an unlikely alliance with The Green Arrow, Beaners finds a humanity buried beneath his carnival costume, and… Continue reading Interzone #221 March/April 2009

Interzone #200 September/October 2005

A milestone issue for Interzone, and it has reached #200 re-invigorated to an extent that the phrase ‘venerable Interzone’, with which the issue would have been greeted had the magazine made it to this point under its previous ownership, is entirely inappropriate for this full-colour, eye-watering issue. Eye-watering? Well, the smell of freshly printed ink… Continue reading Interzone #200 September/October 2005

Year’s Best SF 11. David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer. Eos, 2006

Stories by : Adam Roberts, Alastair Reynolds, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Bruce Stirling, Bud Sparhawk, Cory Doctorow, Daryl Gregory, David Langford, Gardner R Dozois, Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Hannu Rajaniemi, James Patrick Kelly, Joe Haldeman, Justina Robinson, Ken MacLeod, Larissa Lai, Lauren McLaughlin, Liz Williams, Matthew Jarpe, Michael Swanwick, Neal Asher, Oliver Morton, Paul McAuley, Peter F. Hamilton, R. Garcia y Robertson, Rudy Rucker, Stephen Baxter, Ted Chiang, Tobias S. Buckell, Vonda N McIntyre.