T.R. Napper. An Advanced Guide to Successful Price-Fixing in Extraterrestrial Betting Markets. (Interzone #256 Jan-Feb 2015)

interzone256Neat story from a new writer, as young Altair, who is a few steps more than most of us into the autistic spectrum, finds his brain, hard-wired into numbers and odds, is not just something for him to use in betting, but, as the title suggests, has an even more out-there relationship with the betting markets.

Awkwardly for him, what goes on in head, all that prime number stuff, not walking on cracks, varying which steps he uses going up and down stairs, is of great interest to some extraterrestrial interests, and he’s way deep in hock to them, and it doesn’t look like there’s a way out, and that’s bad news for him and his girlfriend. Can he beat the odds?

An engaging character, and fun to read, and a good follow up to his previous Interzone story Dark on a Darkling Earth, a pair of stories boding well.

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