Simon Ings. Drones. (Meeting Infinity, 2015)

meeting infinityA disturbing, near-future story from Ings.

The new London Airport in the middle of the Thames Estuary is being opened, and the tousled-haired Mayor of London arrives, and is greeted by the eager workers and sightseers, including an unmarried man and his two nephews.

But very quickly we find out just how society has changed from where we are now, as the impact of the loss of bees, and a staggering related consequence, are gradually explained. Kent is still the ‘basket of England’, but growing crops without bees to pollinate, and the value of the crops, and the extent to which they are now valued, and the aforementioned alluded-to societal change (read the story to find out!) make it a world quite different to the bucolic farming of today.

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