Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear. Mongoose. (The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 4)

Originally in : Lovecraft Unbound

I enjoyed Monette/Bear’s ‘Boojum’ which appeared in both the Dozois and Hartwell anthologies last year, noting that it was ‘a cracking story, and a setting which could do with further exploration’. That story appeared in a piratically-themed anthology, and this in a Lovecraft anthology.

A space station has a nasty infestation – creatures from another dimension sneaking into ours, oozing tentacally things. Izrael Irizarry has the contract to clean out the space station, but what should be fairly routine is clearly far more complicated due to the extent of the infestation, and the implications of that : the risk that even nastier creatures may be seeking their way on the station. Irizarry has Mongoose with him, itself a strange creature from another dimension, more than a pet.

There’s a climactic confrontation with a breeding alien, and there is politics and backstory to flesh out the action in a story that lives up to its predecessor.

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  1. Always enjoy Elizabeth Bear, but “Mongoose” is my still favorite SF short story.
    Especially liked the connection to Lewis Carroll, “Jabberwocky.”

    VERY entertaining.

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