Rudy Rucker. Petroglyph Man. (Asimovs July 2015)

asimovs1508Not quite as gonzo as Rucker often is. He has a young couple struggling with their relationship taking a holiday, a second honeymoon kind of trip, to rekindle and save their relationship.

Rucker portrays the couple warts and all, and it’s a bit difficult to feel much sympathy for them. The guy is a software developer, and he brings along a new app, a very new, and very clever photo app that uses ‘quantum technology’ to tweak the photographs, based on the brainwaves it picks up from the subject/photographer.

And it turns out that the app has quite a major impact on the course of their holiday in Hawai’i. Julio gets well and truly freaked out when he uses the app where he shouldn’t really, but it turns out that rather than being Really Bad Shit that he has invoked, it’s Happier Ever After. Personally, I’d have preferred the Really Bad Shit option, as the couple didn’t really do enough to justify Happier Ever After. Just saying.

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