Robert Reed. The Empress in Her Glory. (Clarkesworld Magazine #103 April 2015)

clarkesworld103I’ve read less from Reed of late, so nice to see him leading off this issue. The story is online here to read and to listen to.

Reed starts off, as often he does, with a big picture, then focusses in on the individual. The opening lines : “Fruits ripen and worlds ripen. If not taken at the right moment, any ripe prize falls from its tree and rots away, and nothing is gained”.

The Earth has duly ripened, and intelligences beyond our ken step in to guide us further. Unannounced and unseen, their touch is subtle, and confined to one woman who is finally chosen for the role of leading the human race, although it’s not a role that has an empresses’ robes and thrones, but altogether more mundane, for she is a humble part-time blogger. However that role changes as she finds information being supplied to her, information that leads to knowledge, and if humanity has the wisdom to make the most of it…

We get to hear mention of the great changes, whilst life for Adrianne Hammer remains little changed, and it is against this big backdrop that we follow her life, the two human relationships in her life that matter to her, as we reach for the stars.

More from this issue here.

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