Robert A. Heinlein. “All You Zombies-” Galaxy’s Edge Number Twelve, January 2015.

gedgeI’m pleased to finally get to review a story by Robert A. Heinlein, my first on the site, as he was one of the author’s whose novels I devoured in my mid-teens when I was properly bitten by the SF bug.

The main reason for reading this story was reading the recent Paul Di Filippo story ‘I’ll follow the sun’ that referenced Robert Heinlein’s’ ‘All You Zombies’, by way of the Hollywood movie ‘Predestination’.

Having read that PDF story, the RAH story appeared in, and is online at Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, and so I bought the print version of the issue from Amazon.

“All You Zombies-” was published the year before I was born, in the March 1959 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine evidently after being rejected by Playboy. The story reads a little dated now of course, but the themes are quite challenging even now (read the story via the link above or by lazy and read about it on Wikipedia.

It certainly keeps the reader engaged, and struggling to keep a handle on who has done what to whom, and how, and when, and why.

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