Rick Wilber. Something Real. (Asimovs, April/May 2012)

A couple of years ago Wilber, with Nick diChario, provided a fairly mainstream baseball story in F&SF (Best SF Review).

Here his protagonist is one Moe Berg, a quick wikipedia search identifying him as famous as being one of the cleverest men to play baseball, and who worked in WWII as a spy in Europe. Wilber puts him in Europe with Heisenberg, and of course this leads to it being a many worlds scenario, with the world he is in one in which Mussolini was assassinated but where the Second World War looks like it may take a different turn. Berg has to find out whether Heisenberg and his team are sufficiently close to creating an A-Bomb to need assassinating.

The story(ies) have some clever touches, and nice to see The Hindenberg having a role to play.

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