Rick Wilber. Several Items of Interest. (Asimovs, Oct/Nov 2010)

A fourth story in the ‘S’hudonni’ sequence – the first dating back to 1988!

The S’hudonni, a far more advance race, have brought peace, prosperity and health to Earth. The story reflects on their impact on humanity through constrasting the family politics of one group of S’hudonni, and two human brothers. The protagonist, Peter, is on their home planet, spending two years on a contract to provide video blogs back to Earth. He relates in flashback how he and his brother were impacted by the aliens arrival on Earth, how their relationship suffered. But things have come to a head and his brother is now playing an active role in the resistance back on Earth.

The narrative style and the flashbacks support the story to good effect, with Peter somewhat at one remove from the denouement as the instances of himself sent back to Earth to meet up with Tommy repeatedly die, leaving his original self still on the S’hudonni planet unaware that the trip to Earth has taken place and failed.

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