Rich Larson. Edited. (Interzone #259, July/August 2015)

interzone259As well as getting their teeth put into braces and straightened, in this near future story, teens from wealthy families can have a bit of neural tweaking as well, to iron out any quirks in their behaviour that might prove as unhelpful to their future life as crooked teeth.

The teen protagonist meets up with two friends, one of whom, Wyatt has been through this ‘Editing’. In the course of a few hours he finds out just how his close friend has been tweaked, or, indeed, like wonky teeth, straightened.

Well done, with Larson not getting too close to the point where the future teen jargon gets in the way of the story. Me, I struggle with the current teen jargon, so a future teen jargon is even more like an alien language.

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