Rich Larson. Brainwhales are Stoners, Too. (Interzone #257, Mar-Apr 2015)

interzone257Bea is a stoner, and dealer, and she has the hots for rich kid Theo, one of her clients, and is keen to get her hands on him. She hopes this desire is reciprocated, but Theo is rather more keen to get his hands on the keys to the complex in which Bea’s mother works.

Turns out that in this complex a whale is in a form of dry-dock, it’s immense brain space being used for human gain. Theo is keen to capture this on vid and go viral.

The story progresses, told in stoner argot, perhaps getting a little in the way of the serious element of the story (the story title suggests an altogether lighter kind of story), as Bea manages to communicate with the whale, and gets a glimpse of life through it’s perspective.

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