Rich Larson. An Evening with Severyn Grimes. (Asimovs July/August 2017)

Read in : The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Three. (ed Neil Clarke, Nightshade Books 2018)

Larson has hit the ground running with his short fiction, and evidently has his first novel out. Hopefully he has an agent who is pimping this story to HBO/Netflix.

It’s a near-future cyberpunky cyber-thriller, with a couple of twists, double crosses, and neat touches. Girasol is able to hack, via drugs and a neural link, into a car carrying a super-rich businessman. He is one of an elite who can leave behind their ageing bodies and upload themselves into neural jacks of people who are willing to let out their bodies. There’s lots of action, but plenty of dialogue and back story to make it a rounded read. I can see this as a setting for a TV series – Joe 90 brought up to date!

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