Rand B. Lee. The Judging. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2014)

fsf14112Back in the May/June 2013 issue of F&SF I noted that I enjoyed the story ‘Changes‘, and that it was a setting I’d like to see more of.

Truth be told that story ended in a way to make a sequel clearly an option, even a necessity, and I’m pleased to see this story picking up from where the last left off, with Whitsun, the red-robed man, and his companions, Francesco the burro and Treats the (talking) Husky, meeting up with a community who seem strangle unaffected by the ravages of ‘The Great Probability Storm’. Other communities have been wracked by changes to their very essence, so why have these people survived? And surely these people are the same as Whitsun saw/foresaw earlier, crucified and burnt under the pitiless sun….

Another strong installment, and a challenging look at humans and the way they act in the face of adversity.

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