Rand B. Lee. Changes. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2013)

fsf130506I’m somewhat perplexed to find that I haven’t reviewed this story – it must be a good two months since I read it.

A quick skim through reminds me that I liked the story a lot. It’s a post-apocaplyptic story, albeit with an apocalypse somewhat different to the norm, and Whitsun is a man who can make his way through the devastation of ‘The Great Probability Storm’. The world is stricken by sudden changes to slices of land – replaced by ‘slices of past, future, or alternative presents’. Some of those slices are dark, unpleasant place.

With only his burro as companion, he’s a form of Don Quixote, and he finds himself with some very strange canine companions, only to willing to talk to him about their woes and to work with him to face a chilling challenge.

It’s inventive, and a setting I’d like to see more of.

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