Paul Di Filippo. Specter-Bombing the Beer Goggles. (trsf: The Best New Science Fiction)

I’ve been very much in tune with Di Filippo’s way of looking at the world for many years now, and it’s re-assuring that I’m remaining in tune as the years progress. He takes a look at the quest of love (as is often the case) with a protagonist who can struggle with relationships with the fairer sex. Here his protagonist is hamstrung by his near-fetishistic obsession with females with elven beauty – indeed, with female elves.

Fortunately technology has moved on, so the beer goggles of my youth (I’m guessing that maybe not as many people are as familiar with beer goggles as might be the case) have been replaced with augmented reality tech that enables beauty to be very much in the eye of the beholder, in his case turning all girls into pointy-eared elves.

Of course, nothing is quite as simple as it could be in terms of his getting the girl.

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